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Real, practical, in-home professional guidance from starting solids, to extreme picky eaters, and all kiddos in between!

Confidently Feed Your Child

Mother spoon feeding child
Baby girl exploring new flavors
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Customized Mealtime Coaching 

Illustrations Vegetables
Julie Robertson MOT

I can help!

Hi, I'm Julie Robertson. 

Occupational Therapist & Developmental Feeding Expert

I can walk along side you during mealtimes.


I can teach you how responsive feeding techniques can promote:


  • Increased feeding skills for your child 

  • Increased family connection

  • Decreased stress around meal times 

  • Foster a continued bond between you and your baby.

Illustrations Vegetables

“It has been a headache trying to get my now 8 year old to expand his food palate. At first, I just thought he was a seriously picky eater. However, as he’s gotten older, I’ve wondered if there was an underlying issue; his daily menu hasn’t mirrored most kids his age.

Approaching the end of my sanity, I decided to reach out to Julie (The OT Mom Next Door)... it has completely changed my whole outlook! She has given me so many options on how to approach our situation - explaining what could be going on with my son, easy ways to introduce new foods and textures, (and) games to get the whole family involved. Taking her advice has helped my son cut down on his milk consumption (it used to be the only thing he drank, all day, every day) and made it more acceptable for him to try new foods.

Eating is no longer a daily fight. He is much more willing to try different AND new foods.
Laura, mom of 2

"Each feeding experience is an opportunity to build trust or undermine trust." (Black & Aboud)

Illustrations Vegetables

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