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Starting Solids Package

Professional guidance starting your little one to solids and transitioning from breast/bottle to cup. 


Location: Child's home environment (where mealtimes happen!)

Number of sessions: 3

Duration of each session: Approx. 60 minutes.

*At least one parent/guardian must participate in each coaching session

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Package Details

All information, strategies, and play will span THREE sessions. Each session will build upon the previous session and/or new concerns of parent. This allows for flexibility in instruction, but also allows me to tailor sessions to exactly what you need to succeed!

During our sessions we may:

Review of development and feeding history.

Solids readiness check:

  • brief assessment of current motor development,

  • brief assessment of sensory systems (we all have senses and feeding is a MAJOR sensory demanding experience!)

  • Brief oral motor skills assessment

  • Lots of play, singing, and FUN for you and your little one!

Professional guidance for oral motor development:

  • Brief education on typical oral motor development

  • Ways to introduce teeth brushing

  • How to encourage oral motor skills outside of mealtimes - during play!

Professional guidance on how to determine if your child is gagging or choking and what YOU need to do during each to support your child's oral development while keeping them safe.

Professional guidance of how to transition from breast/bottle to cup of family choice. Professional recommendations available at family's request, otherwise cup will be family choice. 

How to use baby signs to encourage early communication, but also ease tantrums at the table.

My goal with each session to make it fun but informative with easy strategies to make mealtimes full of connection, fun, and food exploration for your little one, and YOU!

Price for Package: $150

NOTE: All food and feeding instruction will honor family preference. This includes, but isn't limited to food choices due to: allergy concerns, health concerns, preference for how food is introduced (purees, baby led weaning, combo), and lifestyle preferences (vegetarian, vegan, religious practices, etc.)

Illustrations Vegetables

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